Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cantaloupe with Black Pepper, Oil, & Vinegar

Recipe from the cookbook The Italian Country Table by Lynne Rossetto Kasper. Lynne says, "A melon salad is not a typical opening to a meal in Italy. I certainly didn't expect it when I Stayed at Le Frise, a guest farm in the mountains of northern Lombardy. . . Emma dresses chunks of melon with black pepper, vinegar and olive oil. She presents the melon on a bed of pale green curly endive and snips dark green chives over the salad at the last moment. Few things taste better with fresh goat cheese."

Half of a 2 1/2 to 3 pound ripe cantaloupe, seeds removed
Several pale green leaves from the center of a head of curly endive or other salad greens
Coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 teaspoons fruity extra-virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons white wine vinegar
2 teaspoons snipped fresh chives or scallion tops
With a melon baller, scoop out 1-inch balls from the melon and place into a medium bowl. Line an 8-inch white serving plate with the endive greens.
Sprinkle the melon with salt and pepper to taste. Gently toss with the olive oil, then the wine vinegar. Spoon onto greens, scatter the chives over the melon, and serve.

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