Saturday, March 3, 2007

Worldly Advice About Cooking Greens

When Luann came to pick up her share from Center of the Heart Yoga today, she enthusiastically relayed her latest discovery about how to cook greens. Her brother, Marc, a world traveler who is visiting Luann and her husband Mike, surprised them the other night by cooking up all of the greens in their share in the simple style he learned in Indonesia. I grabbed a pen to make sure I got the process right and Luann described exactly what Marc did:

Start with a deep saute pan with coconut (or other) oil on medium high heat, wait till oil is hot, then place washed greens (any kind) in the hot oil, quickly stir greens to cover with the oil and keep flipping them over in the pan until they turn bright green, then add vegetetable or chicken stock to the pan, cover and simmer till tender.

Luann said her surprised response to dinner that night was, "Oh, that's how greens are supposed to taste. Wow, they are so good!"

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